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How to become a rockstar: Arnel Pineda on following your dreams

Pinoy rockstar Arnel Pineda enumerates the ingredients in becoming a rockstar, which are talent, desire, hardwork, discipline and patience.

“The ingredients, for me, are talent and desire. Follow your dreams, don’t look back, make your parents understand the craft you’ve chosen. And then there’s hardwork, discipline and patience – a lot of patience. You may go through a lot of rejection and insults at first, but like I said, it’s not developed overnight; you have to go through a lot of pains before you reach your dreams.”


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How to become a rockstar: Arnel Pineda on discipline in becoming a Rockstar

Pinoy rockstar Arnel Pineda of Journey discusses discipline in becoming a rockstar. “If you think once you make your first album, you’ve reached the rockstar status, that’s not true. That’s only the first step to your dreams coming true. I think really the hardest thing is maintenance. There has to be discipline, you have to… Continue Reading

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