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Agribusiness: Pekin Duck Recipes

Pekin ducks are often serve in Chinese Restaurants for it is one of China’s national dishes. It has a royal lineage way back during Yuan Dynasty. But this time, not anymore! Learn Estancia De Lorenzo’s recipe for cooking pekin duck. Know the ingredients and the process of cooking pekin duck by watching the video.

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How to cook Smoked Pork Chop

Add another pork chop dish in your pork chop recipes list! Learn how to cook Smoked Pork Chop with Red Bell Peppers & Corn Relish from Chef Lara. Ingredients: Pork Chop Olive Oil Ginger Onion Bell Pepper Whole Kernel Corn Coriander Cider Vinegar Thyme Watch Pinoy how to for Instructional videos and Home-based opportunities for… Continue Reading

How to cook Fried Eggplant with Minced Meat

Learn how to cook fried eggplant with minced meat by YenYen Taiwan Street Food Ingredients: 250g eggplant 70g minced pork 25g chili bean sauce 90g corn starch 7g minced garlic 200ml water This video is brought to you by: Watch PinoyHowTo Home Based Business Opportunities for the OFW and their Family. Continue Reading

How to cook Stir Fry Kidney

Here’s another Taiwanese food recipe from YenYen Taiwan Street Food – Stir Fry Kidney Ingredients: 400g pig kidney 12g chili bean sauce 1 tbsp rice wine 2 tsp soy sauce 8g ginger 8g minced garlic 2g onion leeks 2 tbsp black sesame oil 2 tsp white sesame oil This video is brought to you by:… Continue Reading

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