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How to use Beep Card

Beep Card – The answer for long ticket booth lines and missed trains. Easy to use, hassle free!

Follow the step-by-step process of loading the beep card and use it for your train transportation.

Watch PinoyHowTo Home Based Business Opportunities for the OFW and their Family.

How to fold and unfold Dahon Folding Bike

Don’t know how to fold and unfold Dahon Folding Bike? This video is exactly what you need! Learn how to easily fold and unfold Dahon Folding Bike so you can bring it anywhere without hassle. Dahon Folding Bike, distributed in the Philippines by Raptor Concept Store to provide convenience and Continue Reading

Aldub: May Maganda bang Naidulot? Part 2

Aldub – May maganda bang naidulot? Part 2: Analyzing the Aldub Phenomenon and getting to know the Aldub nation. We all know that AlDub is became a phenomenon in the Philippines. But, how do AlDub fans supported this love team? Does AlDub really have an effect on people? Watch Pinoy Continue Reading

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