Instruct, inspire, succeed - this is what we stand for. Here at Pinoyhowto we have two things: first, anything Pinoy that can be good business ideas - home-based businesses, micro and cottage industries. Second, success stories to fuel inspiration to start one.

It started with an idea

If you're an OFW, this is for you: you can stay home and settle for good

Everything started with the idea to make instructional videos specifically for our OFWs to provide them business ideas so they can set up their own business in the Philippines and they can stay home. Alternatively, their family members can put up one and help their relative abroad. Pinoyhowto has since then branched out into two more projects: Agribusiness and Pinoy Recipes.

Agribusiness is one of our largest topics at Pinoyhowto, so when it came around, we jumped at the opportunity to produce a TV show on it: Agribusiness - How It Works. It was aired on ABS-CBN Sports + Action. This lead to Agribusiness branching out as one of Pinoyhowto's projects.

Agribusiness for all Seasons

Even after 3 seasons on TV, we still continue to produce videos on Agriculture and the Agribusiness industry in the Philippines; its players and influencers; the challenges and the potential; and of course, success stories. Best part is, everything (even all 3 seasons) is on our Youtube channel, free for everyone to watch!

Food is also one of our largest topics at Pinoyhowto, so after Agribusiness has branched out on its own, we saw it was time for a food channel as well. Pinoy Recipes is here to cater specifically to your food related content needs.

Come join the table

Pinoy Recipes is here to provide you day-to-day recipes or food & restaurant business opportunities. Of course, we also have success stories to inspire you to get cooking.

Trainings and Seminars

The sharing doesn't stop on screen, so come out and join us.

Let's get learning

Pinoyhowto is now offering trainings and seminars! Let's bring you, us and industry experts in one room on a day of inspiring and helpful talk. Register for a chance to get free slots!

Instructing, inspiring and reaching more people. We are now expanding our reach to television! Catch Pinoyhowto TV on Digital TV via Digital Box, now airing in Mega Manila, Cebu and Davao!

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Let's work together!

Hundreds of our video content are on our Youtube channels, free for everyone to watch and share. We'd love to create quality video content with you. We're open for sponsorships, features and collaborations, so contact us.

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