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Pinoyhowto TV wasn't always Pinoyhowto TV. Everything sprung from the idea of making instructional videos of anything Pinoy that OFWs and their families might use to start a business - an alternative source of income - in the country. This is so that they might help each other financially and so that eventually, our OFWs can stay home with their families.

Now, hundreds of our videos are now all on Youtube, all free for everyone to watch! One Youtube channel has branched out into two more: Agribusiness and Pinoy Recipes.

Today, we're expanding our reach to television. Tune in Pinoyhowto TV, Channel 18 on Digital Box!

A Project by Edged Video Production

Pinoyhowto TV and the 3 Youtube channels are all projects of Edged Video Production. Our life outside Youtube and Pinoyhowto TV consists of corporate videos, viral videos and more TV shows.

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We are open to sponsorships, features and collaborations if you want us to create content with your brand.

If you want a video specially for and about your brand, we can also make that happen! Check out Edged Video Production's portfolio.

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